Ask Carole… Bathroom selfie tips

Okay I’ve had people ask me how to take better selfies… Truthfully, get out of the bathroom!!!! If you must do bathroom selfies then remember these tips.

1. Watch the background! No toilets, tubs or shower curtains. Remove distracting elements. Also be careful about pictures or wall decorations. You don’t want a picture frame or wall decor sticking out of your head.

2. Be careful about light sources. Daylight and interior lighting don’t mix well. You will end up with color balance problems. So either block the daylight or turn off the interior lighting and use only natural light.

3. Hold your camera as far away from you as you can. Phone lenses are wide angle lenses…they distort things closer to the camera. You can end up with a big nose, chin or forehead depending on whats closest to the camera. It’s better to zoom in or crop afterward if you need a closer view.

Selfie taken with my iPhone