Yay! It’s spring!

I know I’m jumping the gun…and we will probably get a spring snowstorm just to foil my gardening plans… But I don’t care! Woohoo!!!! I love spring! I’ve had a slow week in the studio so I’ve spent the week at home cleaning the yard and starting on some gardening. It’s always rejuvenating to spend time out in the fresh air, but springtime is special. It’s the start of a new gardening season and a time to plan and dream of the harvest.  My green house has its starts going. I have fresh herbs for vinaigrettes so I’m a happy camper. I hope my fellow gardening nuts are having a great spring too!


This past two weeks has been a time of lots of reflection on my personal and professional life. I tore a ligament in my lower back and have been flat on my back in bed. It has been a terribly painful experience. I have had to have assistance to even walk some days. Those who know me, know that I am a very active, “busy body”, do it myself type person. To lay in bed and not accomplish anything is torture. Now that I am recovering I realize this experience has been a time of growth. I am so thankful for those dear ones around me and for the good health I have enjoyed. I have taken my blessings for granted but I have a new appreciation for even the little, seemingly insignificant things in my life. Walking, going to the restroom without assistance, picking up my grand baby, playing with my little girls, are all things I have taken for granted! The people around me have been amazing during this trying time! My children who have tended me through it all (without too many disasters) ☺️.
I am so grateful to be healing now!
GRATITUDE …. I want to make it a part of me, of my being.


What I do for creative inspiration….

I’m a person who thrives on creativity in whatever form it may take at the moment. Anything from remodeling, helping with an advertising campaign or working in my garden, if I’m not creating I’m not living!

Denise is my “muse” lately….she’s always willing to try something new and inspires me with fun ideas.  I love the chance shoot just for myself, to get my creative juices flowing.

We had a good time shooting in the lobby of our building. It’s like walking into another world each day as we enter the building. For those that don’t know, we have a studio at 348 N. Bluff, just above the St. George Day Spa.  The management just remodeled the entry and common area. It’s very glamorous, which inspired our shoot. (And for those looking for a high-end location for your business, this is it! There are a few spots open in the building…just sayin.)


Test session with Steviey

We did a test shoot with Steviey this week. She was a super good sport about dealing with the heat! Even though we scheduled this as an early morning session… Saint George in July … it’s hot!

After sweating it out on location, we headed to Starbucks, then to the studio. There she did another wardrobe change and a few more pics. I had a nice time getting to know Steviey, her sisters and her mom.





More beauty shoot photos – Denise


Beauty Shoot this week

We actually had scheduled and outdoor-lifestyle shoot and weather didn’t cooperate. (What’s new?!?) Since we already had our model and MUA lined up we switched to plan B. We did an indoor beauty shoot instead.  Here’s a couple photos from the session.


The model is my beautiful and talented daughter, Denise. The MUA is Janet Jeffs. Its the first time we’ve worked with Janet and she did a nice job for us. Email the studio if you are interested in having her model for you.


Vincent Laforet workshop

I went to the Directing Motion workshop by Vincent Laforet in Salt Lake City last week. It was a long, fun, educational day. If you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it. Watching movies will never be the same!!! Seriously! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😀

Vincent Laforet

20140607-144936-53376894.jpg 20140607-144657-53217370.jpgWe actually got to help film 3 different scenes! It was really fun and educational.

Mono Lake & Yosemite

I attended a workshop in Mono Lake, CA last week.  It was held by Moose Peterson. I have admired his nature work since I was a teenager. I think he was a great influence on my choice of becoming a photographer. In his book “Captured” he gives an honest account of how hard it can be to make a living as a photographer, especially a nature photographer. At the same time he shows his tender heart and his love of nature that compelled him, against the odds, to follow his dreams. I was so happy to attend his workshop and spend time with one of my “idols”.  It was a small group and lots of fun to get to spend time in a casual atmosphere with other people passionate about photography. Even if you are highly skilled as a photographer you will find it handy to attend a workshop. The locals know the area! They know the weather, they know the light, and they have a “plan b” when its not working at one location. I also am creatively inspired when I spend time with people who do photography because its what they love!




Mono Lake moon set
Mono Lake moon set

_D8A2964 _D8A3209

I took my daughter and son with me ( they did not attend the workshop) so we decided to go the long way home and drive through Yosemite. We had a great time. The fall colors were lovely. I would love to go back when we have some more time.


Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley
Half Dome – Yosemite National Park


Creative Inspiration …

What do you do for creative inspiration?

It’s always different for me… one time it may be an afternoon spent browsing the latest magazines at Barnes & Noble, another time I may completely shift gears and work in the garden. One of my favorite things to do is getting together with creative friends and sharing ideas. My friends and I have been doing a weekly photo scavenger hunt. It’s been lots of fun (also a lot of work!), but it does get you thinking creatively.

Our words last week were: flog, surreal, beverage, dots, calm, pokey & friends. Here’s a favorite from last week’s hunt. It was taken by my friend Jenn.