Spider Camera Holster photography equipment review … Carole Jones commercial  photographer

Carole Jones at tulip festival in Lehi, Utah
This review has been a long time coming. I have been using a Spider Camera Holster  for a couple of years. I switched from my Black Rapid shoulder holster system after I had an automobile accident a couple of years ago. I have not been able to handle the weight on my neck and shoulders since my accident.

Things I love about my Spider Camera Holster Pro:

1. Weight distribution – My favorite thing about the Spider Holster is it distributes the weight of my cameras evenly across my hips. It has made a huge difference on how long I can wear my camera comfortably, it makes long days shooting or hiking so much easier. No aching neck and shoulders at the end of the day! 

2. Hands free – It’s great to drop my camera in the Holster and have both of my hands free. Allowing me to do everything from adjusting the wardrobe of a model or moving things on set, to clinging to the rocks as I climb a mountain, having my camera right there where I need it.

3.  Durability – I purchased a double Holster about 3 years ago. I have hiked extensively and worked using it continuously and it still looks and works like its new. The hardware is great! They made it out of metal and it works as good as it did the day I got it. The waist buckle part is plastic but doesn’t show any wear so far. I even bought a second one, the single version to use for times when I’m not carrying two cameras.

4. Security – The belt itself  is very secure, no slipping off!  The part that holds the camera to the Holster has a little switch which when it’s set, it locks the camera in place. No accidentally bumping it off. I could practically hang upside down and my camera would not slip out of the Holster. I also like how it holds the camera close to my body. With the Black Rapid system, the cameras dangled at my sides hanging from the shoulder harness straps. When I bent over or moved quickly they would swing and crash into things sometimes even hitting into each other. I had to be very conscious of my movements when wearing it. The Spider Holster Pro holds the cameras securely at my sides…allowing me to drop the camera into place and forget about it until I need it. 

Things I don’t like – well there’s only one thing I would change. I would like a softer fabric where my camera rubs on the Holster when I walk. I can see why they don’t have it..because then it wouldn’t be as durable …but it would be nice.

I definitely love my Spider Camera Holsters and I use them anytime my camera isn’t on a tripod. I have both the single and double Holster versions. I use my single Holster most. I use it in studio and on location, basically any time I have my camera off the tripod. The double version is great for events and hiking. I use it to carry two cameras with different focal length lenses so I don’t have to stop and change lenses. My Spider Holsters have become an important part of my photography equipment. I highly recommend it for people with neck or shoulder troubles or anyone who wants a secure way to keep your camera close to your body.

Local food – Teriyaki Grill review

I love to share my favorite places to eat. Food is a passion for me! This week I tried Teriyaki Grill on Sunset in St. George. I was pleasantly surprised. Their food is really good. All of their ingredients are high quality, fresh cut vegetables and meat trimmed and sliced fresh daily. Nothing is deep fried, they don’t even have a fryer!

The meat was tender and the vegetables were just slightly crisp, just like I like them. Their ginger sauce was so good. The service was fast and friendly. It wasn’t too busy even though it was during the noon hour. Their menu is small but what they do they do well! I feel like Teriyaki Grill hit it home with their fresh, healthy, simply delicious food. Next time you are in the area give them a try!  (This was not sponsored I purchased the meal myself.)

Photo taken with my iPhone at Teriyaki Grill
Photo taken with my iPhone at Teriyaki Grill #nofilter

Macro Monday in Southern Utah 

My first periscope of Macro Monday 🙂 I haven’t posted video from Periscope before … so sorry about the skinny vertical format. It’s a learning process for me. It was also my first time using the new Case Relay from Tether Tools. It’s an awesome way to power your camera via standard electric outlet or using an external power pack. The best part is you can switch power packs without interrupting your time lapse! Helps avoid so many headaches!!!!


What do I use to carry my gear? 

I have had a lot of people ask what I use to carry my photography equipment… It depends on what I am shooting. If I’m traveling (road trip) I always use a Pelican roller case. Then I don’t have to panic if I hear the ice chest tip or cringe when someone tosses something on my camera bag. It may be bulky but I love that it’s completely sealed and waterproof/ dust proof! My Pelican cases are where I store almost all of my equipment. I have pelican cases for my main camera gear, for my speed lights and for my big strobes.

If I’m hiking I use a Clik Elite Bottle Rocket Backpack, which I love. It’s very comfortable. ( I have a review of it on this blog.) It has two side pockets for lenses so I can change a lens on the go without stopping to remove the backpack.

If I’m flying I tend to use a Think Tank Urban Disguise carry on. It fits a ton of stuff in a small space. It also fits easily into the overhead storage or under the seat.

When I’m hanging out with my kids it’s a Shoot Sac Tote n Shoot. It fits my camera with a 70-200 2.8 lens plus there’s plenty of room for all of the stuff a mom needs to haul (wallet, keys, phone, water bottles, snacks, wipes, sunscreen, glasses, hat, etc.). It doesn’t look or feel like a camera bag so it’s perfect for casual occasions and for keeping my camera inconspicuous.

Back when I specialized in weddings I really loved my Shoot Sac Lens Bag. It is comfortable and fits nicely against my body. It has changeable covers to match my outfits. The lens bag offers fast access to a lens or two and a flash, memory cards & extra batteries . I still use it when shooting events. It’s funny because each time I take it out and use it I remember why I loved it so much…I don’t know why I don’t use it more often.

This last item isn’t a storage case and doesn’t protect my gear but I have to say I use my Spider Pro Holster almost all of the time! I was in an auto accident 1 1/2 years ago and have not been able to handle the weight of a camera hanging on my neck or shoulders since the accident. The Spider holster is great!!! It puts the weight on my hips. I may look funny (my kids call me “Yosemite Sam” because they think I look like I’m ready for a shoot out) but I can work for hours with it on while carrying two pro bodies with big lenses. You would be surprised how much my cameras weigh! I am a practical lady so comfort tends to win out over fashion. My poor teens will just have to put up with a mom that looks like a “dork”. 😉