Gearing up for Palm Springs Photo Festival

The studio will be closed May 6th -13th. I’m excited to have the opportunity to assist Michael Ackerman ( a well known fine art, conceptual artist) at the Palm Springs Photo Festival this year. This is THE EVENT for commercial and fine art photographers on the west coast. I’m looking forward to meeting many art directors and editors I’ve admired for a long time.  I also look forward to the energy….there is a vibe when you get that many creative people in one place discussing what they love. 

Be ready for me to “blow up” my Instagram feed with all of the festivities.

Connect 2017 from PALM SPRINGS PHOTO FESTIVAL on Vimeo.

Studio updates …Location shoots coming up!

Hey, I’m glad to say that the new studio is coming together and we’ve completed our first couple of shoots here. It’s been a bit of a “rat race” for me. Moving is always a pain but to add to the fun, I’m also gearing up to be out of town shooting on location for the next week or so. Because of that, I’ve been trying to wrap up and deliver all of my current assignments and get things put together on the home-front too.  Then there are the last minute details of the trip to deal with! This project has been a couple of months in the making and I’m anxious for it to go well.

I’m excited to be going to California. We are mixing business with pleasure and making a mini-vacation out of it. We are going to be shooting at some awesome locations then spending a few days in San Francisco. I’ve never been to SF before so it should be an adventure.

stock photo from
stock photo from

The office will be closed October 24 – November 3, 2016.

Wish me luck and if you have any suggestions of what to do in San Francisco PLEASE COMMENT!  Yes, we are going to Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and riding a cable car while we are there. BTW….I’m a “wanna be foodie”, so give me ideas folks.

Change can be scary.

For the past year, I have been working between two locations. WOW! It’s been a lot of work and so inefficient! Leaving files or equipment at one location and needing them at another… it’s been an organizational nightmare. I decided something had to change!

I’ve been reevaluating my business and I decided to eliminate the extra overhead and logistical problems and SIMPLIFY! So I converted a side building at my home into a small studio and office. It’s reducing my overhead and putting everything in one place.

It’s been a scary transition! I had so many questions. Could I afford it? Money had to be invested in remodeling to make the space usable.  Will the new studio be too small? I looked at my client jobs over the past year and realized that 70% of them were shot at the business location and the rest would work in a smaller space, if not I can rent space for a day for much less than my monthly rent of the commercial studio. Would my clients abandon me?  I was so worried that not having a commercial location would impact my business negatively, but I found that I can serve my clients better! Having all of my equipment and office in one location close to home has made it so I can get things done faster. The elimination of the logistical nightmare has freed up my mind and my creativity is flowing! I’m excited to see how this change will turn out for my business.

Pics of studio & office will follow soon! Still doing some organizing and unpacking. Wish me luck!

kids with logo hats


Getting ready for SEMA

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with moving my home and studio and everything. I still don’t have my studio put together but I’ve been blessed with some fun projects.

I’ve been working on some photos for a company here in southern Utah, Flog Industries,  they make some amazing bumpers for Jeeps. We did a fun photo shoot with lots fog machines and some crazy lighting situations to deal with. Those fog machines are fun but they can fill up a fairly big area in a hurry. Its hard to get the right balance between smoke and visibility!!!!

Flog Industries has a booth at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV next week. We’ve been rushing to get some last minute pics for some of their marketing materials. I’m looking forward to attending SEMA again this year.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the jeeps we shot.

Flog jeep
Flog jeep

Photographing produce from the Farmers Market in St.George, Utah.

I’ve been enjoying the lovely fresh produce from the local Farmers Market in St. George. Late spring has to be my favorite time of year…all of the delightful, fresh fruit and vegetables, my herb and flower gardens are in bloom and the weather is finally warming up. 

In the studio we have been taking advantage of the seasonal produce and have had a chef in the kitchen creating some amazing dishes for us. Here’s a sneak peek at a few :


What I do for creative inspiration….

I’m a person who thrives on creativity in whatever form it may take at the moment. Anything from remodeling, helping with an advertising campaign or working in my garden, if I’m not creating I’m not living!

Denise is my “muse” lately….she’s always willing to try something new and inspires me with fun ideas.  I love the chance shoot just for myself, to get my creative juices flowing.

We had a good time shooting in the lobby of our building. It’s like walking into another world each day as we enter the building. For those that don’t know, we have a studio at 348 N. Bluff, just above the St. George Day Spa.  The management just remodeled the entry and common area. It’s very glamorous, which inspired our shoot. (And for those looking for a high-end location for your business, this is it! There are a few spots open in the building…just sayin.)


New Location! St. George, Utah

As of May 15, 2014, we should have our new studio located at 348 N. Bluff St., #206, St. George, Utah; open for business. Please stop on in and check out our new location! We are looking forward to serving the Saint George community.
Our mission is to use our vision, skill & creativity to help businesses communicate THEIR message with images that bring attention to and reflect the true value of their products or services.

Coming soon…pics!


Well… It starts here…

I am pleased to announce the new site for Lightworks Studio. We specialize in commercial photography. The “blog” section of our site is less formal. It’s for updates, tutorials, “behind the scenes” posts,  creative inspiration and showing off some of the photography we do just for fun. I love to share and hope you do too! Subcribe and become a part of our online community 🙂 .

Kokopelli Golf Club
Kokopelli Golf Club