ASMP Food styling workshop for photographers in Salt Lake City.

This past weekend I attended a wonderful food styling workshop taught by Suzy Eaton. It was set up though ASMP Mountain West and hosted by  Pictureline. There was a wealth of information provided. Suzy showed us the tools of her trade. It’s amazing how much a stylist can bring to your team. It’s kind of ironic that most photographers I know complain about amateurs in the market….but at the same time they try to do their own graphic design, web site, wardrobe, set and food styling. I feel like we need to remember how important it is to hire other professionals! 

 When I have a team working on a project each member brings so much to the table as far as talent and creativity. I love having a stylist on my shoots. It frees me to do my job and truly focus on the creative aspects of my photography. I haven’t worked with Suzy yet but I hope to in the  near future. I have been an admirer of her work for quite awhile.

Suzy judging the students work.

Our team’s effort at food styling. We got second place.
iPhone photos!👆🏻. 

Portrait Workshop

Our portrait workshop on Saturday was a small intimate group. It started off a little unorganized but turned out great. My attendees were all advanced photographers so we had to adjust the curriculum a little, but that’s what is great about teaching small groups!

Herb Basso was a charming host for our delicious lunch at Ka’ili’s in Santa Clara. If you haven’t made it out there to try it out you need to go! The food is excellent and the staff couldnt be more friendly! It’s really not that far out of your way…try them!


Giving is growing

I have been teaching photography & lightroom classes and workshops in my community for over two years now. I feel like I have grown so much as a photographer by sharing with others. I have had people ask me why I “give away my knowledge and undermine my business”.  I feel like the more the community knows and appreciates photography, the more it is valued. I have a lot of business referred to me by my students. Many thought photography was easy before taking my classes, but it was because their expectations were basically – snapshots. I feel like I have helped raise the bar on what they consider a great photograph. As a result many of my students have learned that sometimes the job is out of the range of their experience and send the work my way instead of naively thinking “I have a nice camera, I can do it myself.”

I also find it very exciting to see the growth of my students! I have helped some sell their images and I have several that I refer clients to when they need portraits. I know they are capable of handling the work because I taught them. 🙂

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