Down the rabbit hole …

So, it’s been awhile since I checked in here on my blog. I kind of feel like Alice in wonderland…I fell down the rabbit hole and I’m just coming back to the surface.

Between my business life and personal life its been a rollercoaster ride for sure. GREAT NEWS! I bought my house! For those who know me personally,  it is a dream come true for me and shows how really wanting something and working toward it you can definitely make it happen! It didn’t come without some sacrifices though. My family has definitely sacrificed to help reach this goal. In order to qualify for my house I had to take a $12,000 a year pay cut so I could get an office job to qualify for my house. It’s insane that it didn’t matter that I made LESS money the bank just wanted to see a paycheck from someone else. I think it’s terrible how the banking system penalizes you for being self employed.

Anyway my kids paid the price while I worked a day job and I ran my business on nights and weekends. As a single mom with 5 kids at home it was very scary for me.  I appreciate them and the sacrifices they made for us to get our home. They have been through a lot, new home, new school and new friends. It hasn’t been easy. I have an amazing team and I love them more than words can express!

I’ve quit the office job and I am back to my photography business full time. It’s hard catching back up and going full force with my marketing and ramping back up to full time work but its my passion so it’s a labor of love.