This past two weeks has been a time of lots of reflection on my personal and professional life. I tore a ligament in my lower back and have been flat on my back in bed. It has been a terribly painful experience. I have had to have assistance to even walk some days. Those who know me, know that I am a very active, “busy body”, do it myself type person. To lay in bed and not accomplish anything is torture. Now that I am recovering I realize this experience has been a time of growth. I am so thankful for those dear ones around me and for the good health I have enjoyed. I have taken my blessings for granted but I have a new appreciation for even the little, seemingly insignificant things in my life. Walking, going to the restroom without assistance, picking up my grand baby, playing with my little girls, are all things I have taken for granted! The people around me have been amazing during this trying time! My children who have tended me through it all (without too many disasters) ☺️.
I am so grateful to be healing now!
GRATITUDE …. I want to make it a part of me, of my being.