Panguitch, Utah Balloon Rally 2014

I took my children to the Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally last weekend. It was a nice change of pace.  We had a great time watching all of the hot air balloons and of course taking lots of pictures.

After we the launch, we had coffee at the Little L’s Bakery in Panguitch. After a much needed triple shot latte and fresh donuts (balloon launches are EARLY) then we went exploring.

First we went to Panguitch Lake, then to Mammoth Creek where the children played in the water and did some hiking. Next we went to Cedar Breaks and hiked the Alpine Pond loop. The Alpine Pond area is about 2 weeks from peak bloom. So if you want some great wildflower photos plan accordingly! We saw lots of wildflowers of about every color. I would have been more impressed if I hadn’t been there for the peak bloom last year 🙂 .  The Alpine Pond is in Cedar Breaks National Monument. So plan to pay park fees. I invest in a National Parks Pass each year, if you visit a National Park or Monument more than a couple of times a year its well worth it. For individuals over 62 can get a lifetime pass for only $10!

After that we went and hiked to Cascade Falls near Navajo Lake. It was a short hike, less than a mile. We were there in the middle of the day so it was a bad time to photograph it. Half of the fall was in deep shade while the rest of it was in harsh sunlight. It is difficult to get a decent photo of it without risking life and limb by doing some rock scrambling on the steep slope covered with loose rocks. It’s all barricaded off so I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed. We decided to just be happy with the view we had 🙂  Safety first! (The nicer photos on the link are not possible without leaving the trail…which is prohibited.)

Next we had a picnic at Duck Creek, then headed home. It was a long day!


My 10 yr old son took this photo of his sister enjoying the balloon launch
My 10 yr old son took this photo of his sister enjoying the balloon launch