Big life changes….

I’ve had some huge life changes lately and took the time to step back and analyze my life a bit, thus the gap in my posts… I closed a chapter of my life and finalized my divorce. Its been a long process, almost 7 years! I moved from the community I was raised in and lost a lot of friends and family in the process. I changed my photographic specialty to follow my dreams, and in doing so sacrificed a regular income and the comfort of doing what people expected of me.  Being a single mom with 5 kids at home has been a hell of a ride.  I have grown and changed a lot during the past 7 years. I like the person I’ve become and I love the growth and freedom. My kids and I have grown into a TEAM… we make things work and we are closer and stronger than ever. I am so blessed!

I’m so grateful to work with so many amazing, creative people who have pushed me and helped me along the way.

I hope to continue the change and growth and I am determined to continue with my creative pursuits wherever they lead me.

Here’s to a happy journey… 🙂

Plan ahead for your marketing….Double chocolate mousse… YUM!

Here’s a dessert shoot i did a few weeks ago for my portfolio. Since it was personal work, I just barely got around to processing it. Clients work always comes first!  

You may notice some ornaments in the background. It because we generally shoot holiday items as early as July. It’s a good thing to keep in mind if you are planning an advertising campaign for the Christmas holidays, you will be better organized if you have your photography done in advance. (Plus it saves you money, rushed shoots usually cost more!) When you plan in advance you can save money by scheduling in photographer’s and designer’s slower times, plus you have more time to get all the little details perfect. A rushed job is rarely a great job!

Test session with Steviey

We did a test shoot with Steviey this week. She was a super good sport about dealing with the heat! Even though we scheduled this as an early morning session… Saint George in July … it’s hot!

After sweating it out on location, we headed to Starbucks, then to the studio. There she did another wardrobe change and a few more pics. I had a nice time getting to know Steviey, her sisters and her mom.





Vincent Laforet workshop

I went to the Directing Motion workshop by Vincent Laforet in Salt Lake City last week. It was a long, fun, educational day. If you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it. Watching movies will never be the same!!! Seriously! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😀

Vincent Laforet

20140607-144936-53376894.jpg 20140607-144657-53217370.jpgWe actually got to help film 3 different scenes! It was really fun and educational.

Well… It starts here…

I am pleased to announce the new site for Lightworks Studio. We specialize in commercial photography. The “blog” section of our site is less formal. It’s for updates, tutorials, “behind the scenes” posts,  creative inspiration and showing off some of the photography we do just for fun. I love to share and hope you do too! Subcribe and become a part of our online community 🙂 .

Kokopelli Golf Club
Kokopelli Golf Club