Quick trip to Death Valley 

My kiddos and I did a spur of the moment trip to see the “SUPER BLOOM” that happens in Death Valley about once a decade. It was a long day of driving but I’m glad we did it.  We left at about 4:30 am and drove, and drove…. 

Our first stop was Zabriski Point. It was a beautiful combination of light, shadow and texture. 

Next we went to the visitors center at Furnace Creek.

Then we went to Badwater Basin. The children were impressed with being 300 ft. below sea level. We walked quite a way out on the salt flats and examined the salt crystals. It was beautiful and amazingly loud. The crunch of the salts under your feet were a strange sensation. If you decide to go I highly suggest you remember a hat and sunglasses…and a macro lens….the reflection out on the flats is almost blinding. 


Mono Lake & Yosemite

I attended a workshop in Mono Lake, CA last week.  It was held by Moose Peterson. I have admired his nature work since I was a teenager. I think he was a great influence on my choice of becoming a photographer. In his book “Captured” he gives an honest account of how hard it can be to make a living as a photographer, especially a nature photographer. At the same time he shows his tender heart and his love of nature that compelled him, against the odds, to follow his dreams. I was so happy to attend his workshop and spend time with one of my “idols”.  It was a small group and lots of fun to get to spend time in a casual atmosphere with other people passionate about photography. Even if you are highly skilled as a photographer you will find it handy to attend a workshop. The locals know the area! They know the weather, they know the light, and they have a “plan b” when its not working at one location. I also am creatively inspired when I spend time with people who do photography because its what they love!




Mono Lake moon set
Mono Lake moon set

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I took my daughter and son with me ( they did not attend the workshop) so we decided to go the long way home and drive through Yosemite. We had a great time. The fall colors were lovely. I would love to go back when we have some more time.


Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley
Half Dome – Yosemite National Park