New Year resolutions – 

I use the first of the year to evaluate my past year and plan for the future.

Personal resolution #1 –   Better meals!


I need to put more energy into meals. I’ve been so busy with moving and everything for the past four months that I’ve gotten lazy with cooking. I feel like an important part of my home life is sitting down and enjoying meals with my family. No tv, no phones, no distractions….everyone enjoys the meal more and the time spent visiting with each other uninterrupted is priceless.  For me preparing a special meal is an act of love.  To me cooking is creative, it’s something I enjoy (minus the cleanup 😉). Now if only I loved to do dishes 😀…….

Creative planning ideas….

Almost everyone I know celebrates Thanksgiving in some way. After all of the food and friends and family, I find it’s a good time to reflect on the blessings I have in my life. November and December are slower times in my business which is stressful financially but its also a great time for recharging and planning for the year ahead of me. Setting goals is important…but planning to make them actually come to fruition is the hard part! I work on my personal goals, my business goals and the group goals we set as a family. As a single mom, just figuring out my work schedule and making things work with my children’s schedules can be daunting. I am a list maker…which doesn’t really integrate well with today’s digital technology. I love to doodle and scribble all of my ideas on paper but organizing them and making them accessible can be a challenge. Does anyone have any apps or technology to share with me on how to better handle this? Please comment if you do! I would really appreciate the help!

ipad LWS port