Vegas baby! (WPPI)

I went to WPPI last week. It’s the biggest photography convention in the U.S.. It was great to get to reconnect with some of my photographer friends. Levi Sim did a headshot of me at the trade show…I have yet to see it, but I’m sure he did a great job. He’s doing a neat series in honor of Steve Jobs. Check out Levi’s cool photo series at

I find the trade show very valuable for research. I especially love the chance to get to try out all of the “new toys” on the market. It saves me a fortune to get to try them out and talk to the reps before I buy. I also like having the chance to speak to my sales guys and gals at my favorite vendors. It’s nice to put a face to a voice & name. I feel like it’s important to stay up to date on the latest techniques and softwares. There’s no better way to get your answers than from the developer!

The entries into the print competition were amazing! The level of the work presented somehow always surpasses the past’s remarkable!  I was excited to see our local photographers, Nick & Signe Adams leading a photo walk at WPPI! It shows that little ol’ St. George, does have some nationally recognized portrait & wedding photographers. Woohoo go Nick & Signe!!!

I made sure I made it to see Peter Hurley, Scott Kelby & Joe McNalley speak at the trade-show. I usually purchase a full pass and go to classes for 3 days straight. As a commercial photographer I don’t feel like the platform classes offered much for me so I skipped that part this year.  ( This was my 7th year in a row of attending WPPI.)

Peter Hurley is an amazing headshot photographer. His demonstration was very engaging.

If you are an aspiring wedding or portrait photographer you will find WPPI a valuable addition to your education so  check it out WPPI  2016 starts on February 15th next year. Buy your pass ahead of time and you can save $150!!!!  Continuing education is critical for a professional photographer,  you won’t regret it! I encourage all photographers to join a professional organization such as WPPI, PPA or ASMP, they are fantastic resources for professionals or aspiring photographers.


Dickens Festival at the Dixie Center!

I spent a long four days at the Dickens Festival running a booth last week for my niece’s company soapcreek I’m just recovering!
It was a labor of love…. We make some awesome soaps 🙂

Pardon my iPhone pics…. It was the camera I had, so I used it. Shows how dark it was ….
Anyway if you decide to go next year…. I highly suggest going the first day it was much less busy.



Family adventure – left my camera home


My crew went rappelling yesterday! Most people wouldn’t think it was a big deal, but it is for me! I have been terrified of heights for 40+ years! We descended a 25-30 ft cliff near where I live.
My 7, 10 and 16 yr olds have already done a huge drop (120-130 ft) a couple of weeks ago. Cellphone vid of my 7 yr old daughter’s first time rappelling But for me this was a milestone. I just about chickened out, but after my 5 year old little girl did it all by herself twice… I didn’t have a choice! It wasn’t as bad as I thought … It did scare me but I made it through. Now I’m looking forward to conquering a 40 ft one next 🙂