What did you do for spring break in southern Utah?

We spent our spring break building a fence for the final 1/3 of the front of our property. It ended up being about 100 feet of fencing. My children and I build the entire thing ourselves. It was a pain… digging in rocky, gravelly soil was difficult. Figuring out how to make it somewhat level was a challenge for us. My son proved to be very good at “sighting” things in while I held the posts level and the girls mixed and poured concrete in the holes. We let the posts cure for a couple of days then we cut and put on the 2×6 rails. My son measured and cut and we all helped screw them in place. Last came the painting. We all helped with that.  We still need to do a second coat… which we will probably do in another week or so.  We installed a drip system and planted some cherry and pecan trees and some blackberry bushes along the fence. It looks better already. I’m very proud of my children for their hard work and I think we make a pretty good team. 👍🏻 Each time I drive in or out of the driveway and see the new fence it makes me feel happy and blessed to have such a great family!

Children painting a fence