What I do for creative inspiration….

I’m a person who thrives on creativity in whatever form it may take at the moment. Anything from remodeling, helping with an advertising campaign or working in my garden, if I’m not creating I’m not living!

Denise is my “muse” lately….she’s always willing to try something new and inspires me with fun ideas.  I love the chance shoot just for myself, to get my creative juices flowing.

We had a good time shooting in the lobby of our building. It’s like walking into another world each day as we enter the building. For those that don’t know, we have a studio at 348 N. Bluff, just above the St. George Day Spa.  The management just remodeled the entry and common area. It’s very glamorous, which inspired our shoot. (And for those looking for a high-end location for your business, this is it! There are a few spots open in the building…just sayin.)